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What To Do If You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse Of Seniors With Dementia

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When seniors with dementia live in community care centres such as nursing homes, they become susceptible to injuries due to their forgetfulness. In these situations, it becomes difficult to ascertain whether the damage is due to an accident or if the staff is responsible in any way. Whether the injury resulted from negligence or some sort of abuse, it is essential to get to the bottom of the matter and get help, if required. This article will guide you regarding what to do if you notice inexplicable injuries in your senior family member.

Speak With Family Members Of Other Families

You need to ask around and find out if injuries and bruises are a common occurrence for most of the nursing home seniors and if any of them accuse the working staff of the injuries. This will help you figure out if the team is responsible for ill-treatment and mishandling. 

Get The Authorities In The Loop

Find yourself seriously suspecting the handlers of the nursing home for abuse of the senior members of your family. You should make the managing body of the nursing home aware of your concerns. This involves filing a formal complaint with the Administrator or Director of the nursing home.

Install A Camera For Evidence

A camera will give you visual evidence of any abuse that might occur in the absence of any governing officials. This will also help you in the case you need to resort to legal measures. However, you must research the privacy laws concerned before taking this step. It also makes sense to consult a nursing home attorney.

Make Your Visits More Frequent

In case of suspected abuse of your senior family members by nursing home staff, you must make it a point to visit them regularly. Take out the time to see them multiple times a week or at least every weekend to keep an eye on the happenings. When the nursing home staff become more aware of your regular presence, they will be prompted to clean up their act and take better care of your family. This will also allow you to get to know the other nursing home members and talk to them about this issue. All this will help you form a better idea of the situation.

Transfer Them To Another Nursing Home

If you are seriously convinced that your family member’s safety or health is at risk, then the natural next step is to move them to another community care body. Before making this shift, make sure to take a proper survey of the place to ensure the situation doesn’t repeat itself.

Consider Getting An Attorney

Appoint a nursing home attorney and, with their help, document all the occurrences and evidence. These records will help you when approaching authorities or legal bodies. 


The health and safety of seniors living in nursing homes, especially those suffering from chronic diseases, is a sensitive issue. If you suspect neglect of any kind, you must take action immediately. In cases where the seniors have dementia, there is an added sense of helplessness that worsens the situation. It is our responsibility as their guardians to make decisions in their best interest. 

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