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What Help Can You Expect From a Domestic Abuse Attorney?

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Domestic Abuse is a serious criminal offence, but more times than not, victims of domestic abuse do not get justice for themselves. This can either be due to their intense emotional and physical trauma, fear of retribution, custody issues, or lack of resources. But what if you could find the correct help, the correct domestic abuse attorney to fight for their rights? 

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, almost 1 in 4 women or 1 out of 9 men face domestic abuse. To end this cycle of violence, we need an excellent domestic abuse attorney.

How can a Domestic Abuse Attorney Help You?

The domestic abuse attorney’s job is to make sure that they present a solid case in your favour – one without loopholes and guaranteed to give you the success you deserve. However, you should make sure to give them all the correct details: the whos, hows, and when. Remember, your lawyer needs all the correct facts to win your case.

Here is a list of ways your domestic abuse attorney is going to help you-

  • They can help you to get a permanent or temporary order- A domestic abuse attorney can help you file a temporary or permanent court order against your abuser. This would prohibit them from making contact with you and even moving out from your house if required. 
  • They can help file the proper domestic violence case- Your attorney will help you file the proper case against your abuser, which will help you recover any financial loss, medical expenses, and compensations.
  • They can help you file for a divorce (if necessary)- If your abuser is your wife or your husband, your attorney will make sure that you can file a divorce if you want. They can guide you through the entire process making sure you get proper alimony and support. 
  • They can help you secure the custody of your children- If your spouse is your abuser and you have children with them, an attorney can help you gain their custody. They can also make sure that you get proper child support if required. 
  • They would represent you and your case in court- The job of any attorney is to represent you in the court of law. Similarly, your domestic abuse attorney will also represent you and your case in court. They will also help you file all the necessary documents in court.
  • They will make all necessary communication with the defendant on your behalf- Once you have contacted your attorney, you do not have to worry about communicating with your abuser again. Your attorney can do that on your behalf. 


Domestic abuse cases have always been hushed up in our society. Especially since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, domestic abuse cases have seen a steep rise. So it is time to get justice for such heinous crimes against you by contacting an experienced domestic abuse attorney – someone you can help you get out of this situation and also give you justice. 


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