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Is There An Advantage Of Filing For Divorce First?

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When a wedding starts to fall apart, the husband and the spouse realize that something goes wrong. Though both of them are aware that a divorce should be filed soon, no one takes the initial step of filing a divorce. Also, someone is unsure about filing a divorce. Before filing a divorce first, you should know all the legal proceedings of divorce. You should hire a professional divorce attorney first. Here, we are going to discuss the pros of filing a divorce first with the consequences.

Steps Of Filing A Divorce First

When the husband or the wife is sure about the separation, they should file a divorce. If a person files a divorce first, he or she has to follow some steps.

Give an application in the court filing divorce with the consultancy of a divorce attorney.

You have to mention the dates of the proceedings.

You have to say the parts of the properties you want in the divorce.

Pros Of Filing For Divorce First

When you are confident about your divorce, who applies for the divorce first can have an effect on the proceedings. Here are the advantages of filing for divorce first.

  1. Proceedings According To You: If you file for the divorce first, you will have the right to choose the hearings’ dates. When the husband and the wife want to select the dates of proceedings, who filed for the divorce first will get the priority.
  2. Paper Legal Preparation: If you think of filing for a divorce, you should make proper preparation. All the legal process and time will be in your hand by filing for divorce first. You will get a chance to prepare all the documents. You can obtain the proper legal preparation. The other one will not get the opportunity to hide any paper or property before the separation.
  3. Preparation A Lawyer Team: You will get time to build an efficient divorce attorney team for the legal proceedings. The lawyer team will correctly help you to get divorced.
  4. Protect Your Assets: If you file for the divorce first, you can protect your assets beforehand. You can collect and prepare all the papers of the assets present in the court during the divorce proceedings. Your partner will not be able to hide any assets or fraud anything to you.

Cons Of Filing For Divorce First

There are some consequences of filing for the divorce first, which are-

  1. Filing Payment: If you file for the divorce first, you have to pay the amount of filing the case. You may be stuck with the entire bill also. You should be cautious about this matter. 
  2. Your Partner’s Demand: If you file for the divorce first, your partner becomes alert. As your partner will become ready with the demands first, he or she can come up with a counterattack.


If you are so sure about the separation, you should know all the divorce’s legal guidelines. You will get benefits by filing first. Also, you have to face some consequences. You should judge all the pros and cons of filing for divorce first and file the divorce first.

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