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Characteristics that You Must Look for In a DUI Lawyer

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While facing DUI charges, people often try fighting their own cases or in most cases, contacting DUI lawyers through the internet. A simple Google search will open up a plethora of suggestions for one to choose from. But how to know whether they are competent enough to manage your demands and expectations? While a DUI lawyer must get their client the best possible deal, mere academic qualifications are not always enough – certain qualities sets apart a good DUI lawyer from the rest. 

Let us take a look at the qualities and characteristics that define a good DUI lawyer. 

Characteristics of a perfect DUI Attorney 

While academic qualifications are necessary, there are some qualities and characteristics of every DUI lawyer that are highly valued. These characteristics are given below –

  • Knowledgeable- The knowledge and experience of every DUI lawyer is of utmost importance. Every DUI lawyer should have good knowledge about the laws, rules, regulations, penalties, and punishments surrounding the DUI offense. This vast knowledge can be gathered if they keep updating themselves on new laws and by gathering experience over the years. 
  • Flexibility – Every DUI lawyer must be flexible – be it for their time or fee structure. They should always be available to communicate with you or on your behalf. They should also be a little flexible regarding their fee structure – criminal lawyers can often be expensive and everyone might not be able to afford them. A good DUI lawyer will make necessary adjustments to give the best possible service. 
  • Good Communication Skills- Good communication skills is a must in every lawyer. They should have an open and honest communication with their clients in order to understand their demands. A DUI lawyer also has to face the judges and the jury at court. They should be able to communicate on their client’s behalf to get them a favorable judgment. 
  • Respect for Confidentiality- Like a doctor, a lawyer too is sworn by their client’s confidentiality. A DUI lawyer should be very careful with their client’s sensitive personal information – they should not share it with their peers or acquaintances. 
  • Good Negotiation Skills- A DUI lawyer has to be a good negotiator as well. This is vital as they must make sure their client gets a favorable judgment with less harsh punishments. Again when some cases have to be settled outside of court, the DUI lawyer has to make sure that the client gets the best possible deal out of it. 
  • Precision at Work – Attention to detail and analytical skills are valued skills in a DUI lawyer. It allows them to go through the legal papers thoroughly to present and plead on behalf of their client for a favorable judgment.  


While the above-mentioned list is a basic checklist to keep in mind, you must make a thorough background check of academic qualifications, success rates, and reviews of every DUI lawyer you shortlist. While the perfect DUI lawyer will be hard to find, we hope you can find the one who is best suited for your needs. 


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