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Can You Sue A Care Home For Neglect?

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Negligence of a resident or patient at a nursing home is a serious crime, and it is a matter which can be taken to court. Any long-term care facility is responsible for looking after the overall health, wellbeing, and safety of the people living there. If there are any complaints about the nursing home staff’s service and care, a person can file a lawsuit against that care facility.

 If you suspect abuse or negligence on the part of your nursing home towards your family member, the next logical step is to sue them in court. First, however, you must be aware of the cases in which you can file a valid lawsuit. Besides that, several lawyers specialize in these particular cases. These nursing home neglect lawyers can help you inadequately form your case. We will discuss these matters in this article. 

Behaviours For Which You Can Sue A Nursing Home 

There are several instances of abuse, lack of action, and irresponsible behaviour that can lead a nursing home into a lawsuit. Some of these cases are as follows: 

  • Improper surveillance of the premises and failure in keeping it safe: Any negligence on the part of the care home staff that leads to a safety hazard or accident is punishable. The team must be diligent about every instance that can lead to a mishap. 
  • The hiring of irresponsible employees: The nursing homeowners can have a lawsuit filed against them if there are complaints about a particular staff member with problematic behaviour. Care homes must adequately train their staff.
  • Inattentive staff: Negligent supervision by the team, which then leads to avoidable accidents, is punishable. 
  • Inadequate health and sanitation facilities: This point covers the quality of food, the cleanliness of the premises, etc. 
  • Avoiding medical matters: When a client at the nursing home has a medical condition which they have publicly declared, it is the responsibility of the nursing home to look after them. Failure in doing so can attract legal attention. 

How To Put Up Your Case

If you suspect the neglect and abuse of your family member by a nursing home, you must immediately take up the case in a court of law. However, it is often difficult to collect enough evidence to support your claim. Most of the evidence you come up with will be incomplete, unreliable, or termed ‘self-serving’ by the nursing home. Even if the involvement of the care home is evident, providing enough evidence to hold an organization legally responsible is an uphill task. 

In this situation, your best bet is to consult some nursing home neglect lawyers and decide on your course of action. Your lawyer will be able to guide you through the process of evidence collection, and they will also know the best way to argue the case in court. 


Solving a case of neglect or abuse by a nursing home in a court of law is the best possible way to handle such a situation and protect your interests suitably. With the information provided in this article, you are well equipped to go ahead and take up the matter legally. 

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